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WHO DO WE CAME TO H(A)UNT is a project by Márcio Carvalho, showcasing a new series of drawings. The drawings portray statues and monuments of colonial and imperial rulers, situated in distinct world capitals. They gain life through a series of 30 videos, that try to demythologize the aforementioned statues, to put in questions the hegemonic Histories they represent, to upgrade the memories they carry, or to mock their old and tired narratives and believe systems.

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Márcio Carvalho Portugal, Germany
Márcio Carvalho is an artist and a contemporary art curator whose projects are primarily focused on collective technologies and practices of remembering, and how they influence individual and group memory of past events. His work examines public life and archives, autobiographical memory and collective memory, with a focus on acts of remembering and their biological, cultural and social influences. He uses performance art as a process-based practice and a tool to examine representational memories that are embedded in different urban and private settings. He translate the latter processes into works of film, drawing and photography, in an attempt to interrupt the ways hegemonic narratives create an idea and experience of the past, leading people to remember specific events and forgetting others, acknowledging the existence of western technologies of knowledge and shuttering other forms of knowing, specially those embodied. Carvalho holds a Master degree in performing arts from HZT/ UDK Berlin and a Master degree in Visual Arts from ESAD, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. He showcase his work and collaborated with communities in 5 continents.