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What is Virtual Dance? In my doctoral research I investigated the different forms of dance animations existing in the Metaverse and the different ways of using them. This is because the intention is to explore virtual dance as a language and create artistic and aesthetic experiences for avatars in virtual worlds. I elaborated an experimental work methodology in which each exercise provokes reflections and defines objectives that extend beyond technical and technological issues. They include aesthetic aspects, understanding and mastery of interactions of elements such as immersion, interactivity, kinesthetic presence and empathy, or metakinesis perceived by avatars in a communication that occurs through body and nonverbal movement. These perceptions inherent in the virtual worlds can be enhanced in sequences of expressive movements, choreographic compositions that include dance, other scenic elements such as scenery, music, lighting costumes that thus achieve the condition of aesthetic experience, both for dancers and for the public. Extensive research into the most diverse forms of animation available in Second Life has made it possible to create motion sequences that do not claim literal and exact resemblance to reality. We assume the flaws in movement as elements of language since the intention is not to reproduce dance as it is known, but to find a language for avatars' dance that can discuss and express the meanings of having a second life or a life. virtual. MADaboutDANCE Company Presentation Result of several virtual dance workshops that I held in Second Life, in 2013 formed the company MADaboutDANCE under the artistic direction of Janjii Rugani Nataraj and with the participation of avatars Sophialan Bandler, Wan Laryukov and Dolphin Rosca, as well as guest avatars. From its inception it has been a dance group open to avatars of different nationalities and is dedicated to developing collaborative virtual dance projects using Second Life's avatars animation technology combined with Rudolf Laban's improvisation methodology in the creation process. The different works of our portfolio demonstrate the various experiences / choreographies that allowed us to experiment and learn ways to compose virtual dance pieces where sometimes more technical work based on environmental resources predominates, sometimes avatars are not like puppets tied to a HUD. or dance pad and is free to create his own movement by exploring the expressiveness of animations and group formations through kinesthetic empathy. These experiences have led us to a high degree of technical mastery of virtual dance and therefore, the work currently requires dancers to specialize. For this reason we offer the general public and avatars who wish to join our group Virtual Dance Workshops as a resource for training new dancers and developing avatars who wish to devote themselves more intensely to this activity. Janjii Rugani Nataraj/ aka Isa Seppi Artistic Director MADaboutDANCE Company


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Isa Seppi Brazil Artista independente Colaboradora do CIAC
Isa Seppi / aka Janjii Rugani Nataraj Dancer and Visual Artist, Doctor in Multimedia by the Institute of Arts of UNICAMP (Campinas, São Paulo). For 10 years through her avatar Janjii Rugani (Nataraj) has been working as an artist, choreographer and researcher of art produced in three-dimensional virtual environments. metaversos.onde maintains a cultural space and develops the MADaboutDANCE company. Bachelor of Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo (1981), Degree in Artistic Education from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo (1982), graduated in Full Degree in Fine Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo (1983), graduated in Full Degree in Performing Arts from the Marcelo Tupinambá College (1983), Specialist in Art Education from the School of Communication and Arts of USP (1985), Specialist in Cultural Action from the School of Communication and Arts of USP (1987) and Master in Education from the City of São Paulo University (2002). In the Arts area, she works mainly on the following subjects: visual arts, exhibition curation, dance theater, virtual art, virtual dance. Professional experience as an advisor for Art Education, Coordination of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses. Professor and researcher Visit the website: Youtube page: Flickr: Facebook pages Email: