Old New Technologies #1 2019 Filipe Lopes Category: Digital Art Installation, Music, Performance, Artist Website: http://www.filipelopes.net



Computer technologies are ubiquitous in modern life. They mediate many of our daily actions, particularly those involving other humans, providing us information of all sorts and connectiveness with almost anything. This situation, in addition to the rises of artificial intelligence, the internet of things and quantum computers, have prompted many important discussions about the way humans and machines relate (or should relate in the near future). A general sense of something “human” being lost is felt by many people, yet, what are we losing and what´s the responsibility of those digital technologies? It is not an easy answer. I believe the change in recent decades of our “feeling of passing time” is perhaps one of the most noticeable traces of computers and digital technologies. Modern life demands fast and quick answers and we have become used to that “quickness”. In fact, we humans actually demand it! We need fast connections to check transports schedules, ordering food, visualize online videos, access Wikipedia articles, download movies, check e-mail and many other things. We, the citizens in urban centers, live in a hurry which brings up the question of how digital technologies are shaping our sense of time. This installation proposes to merge old and new digital technologies to create an experience on “slowing down the passage of time”. It does so by inviting individuals to listen and see specific audiovisual postcards. Dial an old rotary telephone and choose your postcard. Breath. Take your time, recover your time. Enjoy. Breath. CREDITS: Idea: Filipe Lopes Videos | Music: Tempo: Pedro Afonso | Filipe Lopes 19:22, Vilar: Francisca Dores | Filipe Lopes Wimbledon: Rosana Soares | Rosana Soares Sea Bird Blows: João Leal | João Leal Rua do Mar: Mariana Barros | Filipe Lopes Technological implementation: Filipe Lopes Footage: Francisca Dores Edited by Filipe Lopes

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Filipe Lopes is a composer, a performer of electroacoustic music and has composed music and created work in the areas of electroacoustic music composition, multimedia installation, dance, cinema, theater and video installation. He holds a PhD in Digital Media from the University of Porto – FEUP, studying about the relationship of music composition and space. He has been awarded for his compositions, most notably the 2013 ECPNM/Gaudeamus award for live electronic music. His recent production includes the design of software to perform his electroacoustic music compositions, sound installations, educational software and music for film. Currently he is Adjunct Professor at the Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design and a researcher at INET-Md | CIPEM and uniMAD.
Filipe Lopes Portugal Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design, IPP,uniMAD