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Cadavre Exquis 2019 Bruno Mendes da Silva Category: Interactive Cinema Link: https://oscaminhosquesebifurcam.ciac.pt/ Neblina 2019 Bruno Mendes da Silva (Tribute to Vitor Reia Batista) Category: Interactive Cinema



The film Cadavre Exquis is the online version of the installation film Cadavre Exquis Expanded, which interacts with the viewer through body movements. Inspired by its homonymous surrealist game, Cadavre Exquis seeks the subversion of filmic discourse in a disruptive way, by fragmenting the unity of time and space. Three characters are sitting in the same room, motionless, crystallized in time. Each choice triggers a flashback, which will unfold up to the moment of crystallization. By choosing the last character, the viewer will unfreeze the opening scene. Three screenwriters were invited to take part in this project. Each was assigned a character, as well as unrestrictive freedom to create his/her character’s flashbacks. One of the scripts, together with the corresponding voice over, was entrusted to Vítor Reia Batista, whom this film humbly pays a tribute.

Tribute to Vitor Reia Batista


 Vítor Reia was responsible for the creation of the Communication Sciences course at the University of Algarve. He was one of the responsibles for the creation of the CIAC, where he coordinated the Literacy and Communication Research Group at CIAC. He was a member of the Cultural and Technical Library Council of the University of Algarve. He had a PhD in Communication in Education, specializing in Media Pedagogy and Film Languages from the University of Algarve. He had a Master’s Degree in Cultural Communication from Lund University, in Sweden, a qualification recognised as equivalent to the Master’s Degree in Social Communication by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and he also had an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature, Drama-Theater-Cinema, from Lund University, a qualification recognized by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He was Director of the Communication Sciences Course at the University of Algarve, whose creation was his responsibility. Vitor Reia died on 16th August at age 64, victim of cancer. https://ciac.pt/en/about-us/research-team/vitor-reia

Short Cv

Bruno Mendes da Silva Portugal CIAC, Univerisdade do Algarve
Bruno Mendes da Silvais graduated in Cinema and Video in 1995 from School of Arts of Oporto (ESAP), got his post-graduation in Arts Management in 1998 from Macao Institute of European Studies (IEEM), got his PhD in Literature/Comparative Literature/Literature and Cinema in 2008 from University of the Algarve (UALG), Portugal and his Post PhD in Interactive Cinema in 2016 also from UAlg. He is Adjunct Professor at School of Education and Communication (ESEC), also in the UALG, where he is, at present, the Coordinator of the Communication Cience Area. He is the Vice coordinator of the Research Centre for Arts and Communication (CIAC). He was a TV Producer and Director from 1995 to 2000 at Teledifusão de Macau (TDM) and has been invited to International Art and Film Festivals such as Fresh (Thailand), Dokanema (Mozambique), Loop(Spain), Festival de la imagen (Colombia) , Ecologias Digitales (Colombia). He participated in 14 financed scientific projects and he is author of several Books, Chapters of books and scientific publications.